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No woman should be forced to bear a child because *someone else* says so.

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    At this point, the pattern is clear. The election has given these candidates (and more to come) the courage to publicly wallow in their own filth. And their dreams of a country where women are subjugated by law are nearing reality.

   I am not suggesting that anyone should base their vote for President on the statements of candidates running within any particular party. Mitt vs. Barack snipes are as pointless as those “liberal” or “conservative” TV shows which pretend to be news programs. A vote for Mitt doesn’t mean you endorse the repression of women, just as a vote for Barack doesn’t mean you are fighting against it.

    This isn’t about political parties; it’s about the looming danger of living under a theocracy—about a US version of Taliban rule. I am aiming at the elections of individuals who would, if elected, enact laws which are inherently repressive.

   These individuals would never have been brave enough to come out from under their rocks unless they believed their statements would increase their chances of winning. They know that anyone disgusted by what they say wasn’t going to vote for them anyway. They know some voters will vote the “straight ticket” without looking past the presidential slot on the ballot—party devotees who will never move off that square. They also know that some people will even throw away their vote entirely, either because they are disgusted with both presidential candidates, or because casting a ballot for a no-chance fringe candidate makes them feel good about themselves.

   But some people are working very hard to form a deliverable bloc of votes—and that bloc will go to the candidate who reflects their belief-system.

   So merely expressing outrage on social media is worthless. On Election Day, maggots like these won’t count your facebook “likes,” but they will count your votes. If you want to make your voice heard, focus on the races of the individuals whose public statements reveal their true agenda (no matter what they call it). If they aren’t running in your state, so what? If there’s anything more to “social media” than posturing and posing, now is the time to find out. So reach out … and let’s see if we can touch them. 

© 2012 Andrew Vachss. All rights reserved

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